Merger & Acqisitions

  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) include all services and actions in connection with the acquisition or sale of a company, the purchase or sale of parts of a company or the merger or merger of companies. We work in a team with leading tax experts, banks and experts.
  • As a rule, an M&A action involves a company merger or amalgamation, resulting in a new economic and legal unit (merger) or the acquisition of company units or an entire company (acquisition).
  • The main aim of mergers and acquisitions is to secure the external growth of a company. Such growth is possible through mergers, acquisitions or other transactions. We also point out and analyze additional aspects in this phase.
  • The external growth increases sales, market shares, company size and thus the market power of the expanding company. The characteristic of M&A is the transfer of the actively exercised performance and control rights.
  • Such an investment decision requires the most precise assessment of the target company in advance, because the investment object should correspond to the economic ideas of the company willing to buy. In order to achieve the desired convergence, a careful examination, i.e. due diligence, is necessary. In this phase we work out a detailed analysis with our own employees.

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